Where can I get a better Cue?

In each Level, there is a Shop where you can purchase some fine Cues to improve your play. You need to unlock new Levels in order to unlock the new Cues in Pool Live Tour.

Each Cue has 4 attributes:

  • Aiming - this affects the quality of the aiming lines, which will help you to make more precise shots.
  • Power - defines how hard you can hit the ball with your Cue. Really helps with your first shot, the "break"!
  • Spin - with this feature, you can change the direction of the white ball after it hits the couloured ball. Never pocket the white ball anymore! Hold SHIFT key on your keyboard and move your mouse at the same time to change the direction of the white ball after it hits the target ball. 
  • Battery - every single shot in Pool Live Tour costs energy. But don't worry, you can always recharge if you need. The more energy your Cue has, so the more shots you can make before it needs a recharge. Each recharge costs a certain amount of Pool Coins.

You can also sell any of the Cues you have bought for 50% of its purchase price if you wish.    

The Shop in Pool Live Tour. Browse products using the arrows in the top right corner. 
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