What are 'W' points? How do I earn them?

Winnings What are 'W' points?

'W' points or 'Winnings' represent the total amount of Coins you have won in Pool Live Tour.  'W' points can only increase over time. The actual amount of your 'W's is displayed at the top of the screen. 'Winnings' are needed to unlock new Levels in Pool Live Tour.

Example: If you win 20 Coins, your 'Winnings' will go up by 20 W. If you lose, your W's remain the same.      

How do I earn them?

  • 'W' can only be won in matches against randomly selected opponents.
  • 'Wcannot be won in matches with friends and in re-matches. 

In Pool Live Tour, the main Leaderboards are based on the number of 'W's you have earned.   

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