What is the 'Weekly League'?

What is the League Level?

League is a special Level, where you can compete for the Pool Live Tour League Title with top quality players. 

League Rules are very simple: 

  • Each player can play 10 League games every day for one week
  • Player earns 20 League Points (Winnings) for each win 
  • Player with most points at the end of the week is the League Winner


To participate in the Weekly League you first have to register. Simply go to the League Level and click the Register button. Each League match is also played for a sum of 10 Coins, so make sure you have enough Coins to play your matches.


80% of all Registration Fees are shared among all players who finish within the TOP 500 of the League Leaderboard by the end of the week. The higher up the Leaderboard you are, the more Coins you win. The amount of Coins you receive at the end of the League is displayed next to your name in the Leaderboard.

When does it start?

The League starts every Wednesday at 8:00 UTC time. To check the UTC time and to calculate the beginning of the League in your local time, please visit World Time Server

In what Level is the Weekly League played?

The League is played in a different Level every week. To see the current Level before you register, go to the League Lobby where you will be presented with the information from April, your host. You can also see the Level logo at the bottom center of the screen. 


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