Preventing disconnections from matches

Pool Live Tour is connecting players from all over the world through its game servers. Disconnection usually means that there was some connection problem somewhere between your machine and Pool Live Tour server. 

Here’s how to prevent yourself from being disconnected while playing:

  • Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth, 1Mb/s is a nice start.
  • Switch from Wireless to cable connection
  • Close any additional programs you don't need and that are eating your bandwidth while playing PLT
  • Make sure you don't have any other games opened in your browser
  • You may also try to restart your router and modem 

Your connection quality is represented by latency. Latency is simply the time it takes for one piece of information from your computer to reach our game servers. This time is displayed next to you profile picture during the match (in milliseconds). You should always aim to improve your latency time to prevent disconnections.  

In general, the fewer applications and programs running on your computer and the better your internet connection, the less likely you will be to experience disconnections from the game.

Please note that places like internet cafés and college/university networks usually process heavy data traffic, which may affect your gaming experience and lead to frequent disconnections.  
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