What are Doubloons? How do I get them?

What are Doubloons?

Each poker hand in Pirates Poker is played for Doubloons. There are no 'chips' in Pirates Poker, real pirates play for Doubloons! You always need a certain amount of Doubloons in your pocket in order to play at the poker tables.

How do I earn them?
You start your pirate adventure with a few Doubloons in your pocket. It is in your hands how far you make it and how many Doubloons you will win! 

  • Beginning - You start your adventure with 200 Doubloons in your pocket
  • Daily Bonus - You earn 100 Doubloons for every 24 hours period you enter the game
  • Trophies - Receive Doubloons with every Trophy you earn 

Where can I get more Doubloons?
If you want to add more Doubloons to your account, simply click the '+' button next to your Doubloons balance in the Lobby in any Level.  

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