What are the differences between Levels?

As you progress on your pirate adventure, you will move across various locations to prove your poker skills. In higher Levels the bets are usually bigger and you will need more Dubloons to actually play at the poker table. On the other hand, high stakes give you an opportunity to win more!

Game Modes
There are two game modes in Pirates Poker: Standard Ring Games (Tables) and Tournaments. Different rules apply for these game modes. Check the details of each Level in the Lobby to see what game mode is being played there.

  • Standard Ring Games (Tables) In Ring Games you are allowed to enter and leave the table any time you want. You earn 'Winnings' for every Dubloon you win from your opponents.
  • Tournaments To play in the tournament you first need to pay the registration fee. The Tournament starts immediately when the required number of pirates register. Every player starts with the same amount of tournament Dubloons. If you lose all of your Dubloons, you are eliminated. Tournaments are played until there is only one player left, who is then announced as the winner. Dubloons are awarded to the winner and sometimes also to players finishing in other positions.  


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