What are 'W' points? How do I earn them?

What are the 'W' points?
'W'  points or 'Winnings' represent the total amount of Doubloons you have won in Pirates Poker. Your 'W'  points can only increase. Winnings are needed to unlock new Levels in Pirates Poker. The number of your 'W's is usually displayed at the top of the game screen. 

'W's in Standard Ring Games
You earn 'W' points for every Dubloon you win in Pirates Poker minus your bet. That means, that if you bet 100 Doubloons and win a total pot of 400  Doubloons, your Winnings will be 300 W. Theoretically, you could win in every hand you play :)

'W's in Tournament Games
Every Tournament is played for a certain amount of Doubloons as the prize. If you win the tournament prize, it will be reflected in your 'Winnings'. That means if you win e.g. 1.500 Doubloons as the first prize in the Tournament, your 'Winnings' will go up by 1.500 W's. 

You can check weekly, monthly and all-time 'W' Leaderboards in the bottom of the game screen in Pirates Poker. There you can also compare yourself against your friends, players from your country or from the whole world. 

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